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ABWOOD® is 100% Recycle

The materials used by PPSB have an important role in preserving our environment, we can fully optimize and re-use virtually all sorts of natural waste such as wood flour, saw dust etc to create an environmentally friendly and 100% re-cycle product which we called Agro-Bio Wood and carries the trade name of ABWOOD®.


 What is ABWOOD Decking ?

ABWOOD decking is made by combining Saw Dust fibres with plastic (PE, PP or PVC, depending on the customer’s requirements) to create a durable decking material.  The combination of fibres and plastic creates a product that is both strong and dense.  Because composite deck doesn’t rot, ABWOOD® lasts longer than a traditional decking product made out of timber.

05-2 ABWOOD® Value For Money.

The price of timber is on the rise. With our product, the greater the order the greater the saving. This can help  to control the costing in the medium to long run whilst maintaining either the existing infra-structure of natural timber or providing the same aesthetic timber looking material for new construction of public facilities. As our product is a reproduction material which is not dependent on seasonal variations, our pricing is assured.


05-2 ABWOOD® Effective & Effiecient.

Our Pre-fabrication system is more effective and efficient at reducing wastage and provides for a faster installation method, which thus enables to save costs in the medium to long run.

ABWOOD® Decking more environmentally friendly

ABWOOD® is a leader in manufacturing composite decking and sustainability is at the core of our practices. Our composite product is made of  Saw dust fibres (around 65-70%) and  plastic-PE,PP (around 30-35%). We then add a blend of additives, which help the product to resist fade, and a pigment to give each finished board it’s distinctive colour.


ABWOOD® Product Applications

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