What is ABWOOD®


ABWOOD decking is made by combining Saw Dust fibres with plastic(PE,PP or PVC, depending on the customer’s requirements) to create a durable decking material.  The combination of fibres and plastic creates a product that is both strong and dense.  Because composite deck doesn’t rot, ABWOOD® lasts longer than a traditional decking product made out of timber.

Why is ABWOOD® decking more environmentally friendly than other kinds of Timber decking?

ABWOOD® is a leader in manufacturing composite decking and sustainability is at the core of our practices. Our composite product is made of  Saw dust fibres (around 65-70%) and  plastic-PE,PP (around 30-35%). We then add a blend of additives, which help the product to resist fade, and a pigment to give each finished board it’s distinctive colour.  This means that the final product contains around 95% recycled material. The Saw dust is sourced from sustainable forests, so you can be assured that all our wood comes from well-managed sources.

ABWOOD® uses the reduce, reuse, recycle process.  Customers can be assured that ABWOOD® maintains high environmental standards. You can also be assured that ABWOOD® composite decking has a low impact on the environment.

Here at ABWOOD, we have  2 types of Decking profiles that may suit your needs.
1) TPC86TG(GC) 22X160mm – General purpose
2) TPC61TG(GC) 25X150mm – Heavyduty

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