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ABWOOD Granules:

  • Hybrid material made of natural organic fiber / renewable biomass (such as saw dust, rice husk, kenaf, oil palm fiber and coconut fibers) incorporates with polymer (such as PE, PVC and PP) which is 100% recyclable.
  • Through Plastic Innovated Advanced Technology, ABWOOD Granules will then be converted into innovative solid or hollow ABWOOD Profiles.

Process Of ABWOOD®

Perceptive Profile Sdn. Bhd. (PPSB) began life in 1995 principally involved in the manufacturing of PVC products, i.e. by extrusion of PVC Furniture Profiles and Edgings (Furniture Stripe) which are mainly used in the furniture industry, PVC soft and rigid hose and PVC Compound (in palletized form) that are normally used as an input material for production by plastic product manufacturers.

PPSB had a modest beginning with 4 production lines. In 1995, it firmly entrenched itself in the forefront of the PVC industry, establishing prominence both at home and abroad for its expertise. In 1997, Perceptive move upstream in the technological field in manufacturing of PVC compounds and further ventured into production of PVC extrusion profiles for various industries.

In line with our company’s aspiration, in 2002, PPSB marked another milestone in the company’s history. It was awarded the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. With this, PPSB Management were committed to an improvement in the Management System within PPSB with the aim of further growth and improvement of sales, quality and company performance.

With determination and a hard working workforce, the company experienced rapid growth from 1999 to 2004. It gradually set up its compound department with 3 fully equipped twin screw PVC granulating lines. The extrusion department is currently equipped with 17 units of single screw PVC extrusion lines and 1 unit of twin screw Bausano PVC profile extrusion line. While the printing department is set with 5 lines of 3 colours automatic printing machine with UV coating features and another line with four heads automatic hot stamping machine. With the purchase of the above complete line machines which can produce highly quality coloured profiles, we are capable to meet the latest fashion trend of the furniture industries.

With hands on plastic production experience since 1995, especially in the formulation and compounding industry, Perceptive moved  towards a new platform dimension through  Research and Development(R&D) and after investing a sizeable sum in  upgrading the bio-technology technique and finally succeeded in developing a Hi-Tech environment protection material for the future – Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). It is Agro-Bio Based and 100% recyclable product known as ABWOOD ®.

ABWOOD® which is there to minimize the effect of our human exploitation on natural resources which has generated billions of tons of waste and which in turn has created a destruction of our environment. Furthermore, market intelligence and Government policies all over the world has aligned that the world is moving towards environmental friendly products and production. PPSB is at the forefront of implementing our Green credentials in the environmental application of the 3 R’s ( ie Recycle, Reuse and Reduce).With positive response and the overwhelming market demands, PPSB was determined to enhance its  R&D of its products in capturing and meeting the present and future requirement. Our present production lines and technology are Italian based, compared to Taiwan based in its early operation stage.

Initially we were incorporating our ABWOOD® material to natural timber production for outdoor furniture.

In the year 2006, we successfully set up our own tooling department. This was beneficial to us in the sense it lowered the costs and saved the time of production since the die process which are part of the manufacturing process are subcontracted to die maker previously. This was our opportunity to maximize our own in house Tooling, Wire cut and maintenance arm. It also secured our own designs and manufacturing details from exposure to third parties.

In 2006, Perceptive registered its products under the brand name of “ABWOOD” in Malaysia. Perceptive’s WPC products are accredited with quality Trade Mark and free of termites resistance by Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). From the test result indicated that ABWOOD ® products are highly resistant to C.curvignathus attacks. Additional to that, ABWOOD ® products also have advantages such as Water and UV resistance and low thermal expansion and contraction. So it is strongly recommended for commercial application especially for exterior uses. The company takes pride in the fact that the products are made to the highest standards. Quality of the products have never been compromised.

In 2010, we became members of CIDB who gave us the IBS (Industrial Building System) status for our ABWOOD® production. This was a milestone for ABWOOD® as we could now partake in commercial and government projects throughout the country.

In 2011, we successfully obtained ISO 9001-2008 after meeting the set criteria

In the years 2009-2012, we invested further by purchasing more machines to improve the business conditions for ABWOOD® for better commercial value. We purchased machines such as a Wide Belt Sander, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) engraving, double ended turner, 1.2 meter embossing and printing line, 1 granulation line machine and 1 injection machine.

In May 2013 we obtained the SIRIM Eco-labeling license to enhance the reputation of our ABWOOD brand and in July 2014 we obtained ISO 14001-2004 Environmental management System after meeting the set criteria.

We have in the last few years also undertaken testing on our products using the expertise of testing bodies like TUV and SIRIM. We are currently undergoing testing of our products in accordance to the Singapore Green Label. We hope to have some good news in  2017.

The above is all at the behest of our Managing Director, Mr. Clarence Cheah who has vast experience with plastic and material engineering background, involving heavily in R&D work for both domestic and international companies for Plastic product development. He is also a prominent member of the National Technical Committee appointed by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) for establishing Malaysian Standard for the WPC industry.

Mr. Cheah Choong Yueh

MD, Perceptive Profile Sdn. Bhd.

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