A perfect harmonious Eco-friendly choice

ABWOOD doors are unique and distinctive with the benefits of Anti-Termites and Water Resistance. Doors which seamlessly blend into your homely environment. A perfect harmonious Eco-friendly choice. A high impact resistance door of the future.

ABWOOD Doors have the following advantages over timber :

  • As the piece is extruded as one piece there is no possibility of cracks which are associated with timber doors. As no glue is used there is no delamination issues.
  • The Doors do not splinter unlike timber doors. Therefore there are no concerns of cracks or chipoffs which can lead to minor cuts and injury.
  • As the doors are standardised, future replacements will not be a problem.

ABWOOD DOORS are synonymous to qualities like Stability, Safety and Longevity.

  • Over all sizes available are 672mm to 870mm with thickness of 35 to 37mm, Even tailor made designs as per requirement.
  • Our Doors are an excellent Amalgamation of Technology & Design.
  • ABWOOD Doors are available with Textured Wood Finish in various colours.

Our Doors are highly resistance to Discoloration and Fading.

  1. Material: WPC (wood plastic composite)
  2. Standard size of door leaf: 2000mm to 2440mm(down to customer requirements) x 672mm to 870mm(again down to customer requirements) x 35 mm to 37mm (L x W x Thickness) (sizes available in 672mm to 870mm)
  3. Thickness of door leaf: 35mm to 37mm
  4. Opening direction: Inward / outward
  5. Lock handle position: On left / on right
  6. Suitable for different wall thickness
  7. Surface finish: Natural wood grain-embossed and engraved
  8. Integrate door frame with door leaf perfectly, convenient to install
  9. Sound and heat/cold insulation.

Resistance to moisture, water proof, Resistance to oxidation and erosion Eco-friendly, Formaldehyde free, Non-Toxic, Glue free High durability and strength, Resistance to impact, Aging resistant Recyclable, Totally hygienic Natural and fashionable wooden appearance.

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