Railing & Fences

perfect replacement for wood fences

ABWOOD® profiles are most suitable and the perfect replacement for wood or other materials when it comes to building outdoor railings. Bringing together splendid and distinct colours of wood with the persistence of composites, our profiles are extraordinarily defiant to deterioration from consequences of rigorous weather conditions.

With exceptional UV tolerance and near zero water absorption,  profile sections are crack and splinter-free for use on railings in buildings. Profiles are termite and insect proof, making them best suited for ground level installations. They are easy to install and contrary to periodic painting, sealing and coating that wood requires, ABWOOD® profiles only demand occasional washing with water to renew their vibrancy.

Notably, higher strength and hardware holding capacity of ABWOOD® profiles make for reliable and safe installations across different applications.

ABWOOD® profiles open an innovative and unmatched degree of design freedom.

ABWOOD is Industrialised Building System(IBS) compliant. We will provide pre-fabricated material where necessary for ease in installation which will save time, labour and reduce on site wastage. All works will be carried out at our factory in line with the measurements given. Materials will then be fabricated and sent to site for quick and efficient installation.

We enclose an exploded view of the Railing to show all the parts of the railing and at the same time to illustrate how any broken or damaged parts can be replaced without dismantling the whole system.

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